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Families with Special Needs

The team at LRJ Wealth Management works with affluent families (& other families through our Autism Treatment Funding program) across the country who have family members with special needs. The Founder of LRJ has a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder which makes special needs planning a very passionate focus of our organization. The professionals at LRJ provide multi-generational planning for these families to ensure all financial needs are met for these beautiful children. The common area requiring specialized planning is the possibility of a premature death of the parents. Financial security, continuance of governmental assistance programs, custodianship and uninterrupted continuation of any medical related therapies are common goals. Very commonly, the Mother or Father is the only person who knows exactly how to care for the child. Typically, none of the invaluable information needed to properly care for the individual with special needs is documented. With the proper documentation a caretaker can step in and take over if mom or dad prematurely dies, become incompetent or incapacitated. The Team at LRJ helps get all of the needed items in place to ensure the child always has adequate monetary resources and continuous care.

Widows and Divorcees

Through the years that LRJ Wealth Management has been in operation, we have worked with many widows and divorcees and have developed a unique passion for working in this area. We have come to know the details that need to be built into the financial planning process for these individuals and have the proper resources to provide the highest level of planning.


At LRJ Wealth Management, we have been blessed to work extensively with many physicians and have developed a practice highly suitable to their needs. We understand the unique needs Physicians have in the areas of risk management, estate planning and asset management as well as much needed tax planning.


Whether approaching retirement, recently retired or many years into the journey, the need for income planning, asset management and wealth transfer are common goals LRJ Wealth Management helps retirees accomplish. We have all the needed expertise within our firm to help retirees meet their financial goals and provide a comfortable retirement.

Entrepreneur's and Company Executives

LRJ Wealth Management is a local firm founded by an aspiring and successful entrepreneur. We understand the excitement and struggles that come during the start up of a business and the important planning aspects which arise as the company grows and prospers. We have found that company executives have similar experiences whether running a private or public company. Whether its employee benefit issues, buy-sell agreements, tax planning or developing an exit strategy from the business, the team at LRJ has the expertise to help.

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