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Our Goal at LRJ Wealth Management is to be your most trusted advisor through our integrity, professional knowledge and our utmost commitment to customer service. We believe in treating our clients the way we want to be treated ourselves.

LRJ Wealth Management is an independent financial planning firm which means that our services are performed without bias or influences from mutual fund companies, insurance companies, or brokerage houses. We work for our clients only. Our client's goals and interest are and ALWAYS will remain our goals and interests. Another great advantage to being an independent firm is that we have access to limitless technologies that aid us in managing and communicating with our clients.

We are headquartered in the Cleveland-Akron area in Ohio, but we serve clients across the nation. Our experienced, dedicated wealth management team is responsible for over $80 million in Assets Under Management for select families, individuals and business owners.

We hope that our website helps you gain a better understanding of our firm and how we help our clients in the areas of Investing, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Charitable Planning, and Wealth Preservation. We add peace of mind to our client's lives by coordinating and managing ALL of these aspects of their financial situation.

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